The Benefits of using a Travel Specialist save time and money. have all the proper travel documents.
...all your travel and reservation dates coincide.
...all of your trips components are confirmed and paid up to date.
...all of your air schedules have adequate connection times with no airport changes. get all bonus amenities when available.
...that your trip is hassle free. get the personal service you deserve.

A added Benefits of using a Cruise & Vacation Specialist

...non biased professional resort reviews.
...insider information on hotel, resorts, tour operators, and cruise lines.
...insider tips on destinations to save you time and money. 
...first hand knowledge of destinations, resorts and ships.
...multiple “non age related” travel insurance options.
...when dealing with suppliers, you have a representative on your side with clout.
...enhanced travel documents.
...detailed destination guides.
...pre arranged tours and excursions.
With the invention of the Internet, it's not surprising when I here people say " I don't know how booking through a travel agent works" or " I didn't think that travel agents even existed any more."  But with the increasing number of online travel sites, many cruise and vacation
shoppers are beginning to seek the advise of "Travel Specialists" more and more to help them see through the muddy waters of the Internet.

And why not... many agents today are Specialists in a variety of destinations or types of travel... they are paid commissions by the travel suppliers so their services are free... and in most cases they can save you a great deal of money, time and frustration.

Using a Cruise & Vacation Specialists doesn't take away your control or the fun of shopping for travel online either. Learn more

To talk to ta Specialist call (504) 833-1984 or 1-866-424-5262